The Safe Freight Act would require that freight trains are operated by at least two crew members - a certified engineer and a certified conductor. Ask your Representative to sign on as a cosponsor ... More Info ›
On June 19, 2017, BNSF served notice to SMART-TD General Committees to begin ID service in and around Denver. Enclosed in the Article IX notice that is scheduled to take effect on July 11, 2017. ... More Info ›
The SMART Local 202 newsletter can now be accessed any time via the SMART Local 202 website under the About SMART link. Issues of the newsletter will be archived on the website for one year, making ... More Info ›
The SMART-TD International office issued an update to National Negotiations on July 7, 2017. Also included is the question and answer session with President Previsich held during the San Antonio, TX ... More Info ›
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