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This section contains the most commonly asked questions regarding the agreement. I will be updating this section on a regular basis as time allows. If you have a specific agreement related question, please submit your request form with your question. Please include as many details as possible with your question. This will help us provide you with an accurate answer. 
Held Away Until Departure
XC01 forced to work yard jobs
Rules Class
Make Whole for RC01 Pool Ran turn Before Rested in 4 & 1
Step Up Penalty/Using The Pool To protect Itself Instead of Extraboard
RC01 Oil Train to Fort Collins Side Trip
Multiple Dog Catching Rule 67
RULE 58 Combination Switch and Road Service
Guarantee Docked For Evading
Rule 41 CMS runs turn before legal rest has expired
Rule 59 road locals not rested for the next day.
Mileage Claim Eastern District Rule 40A
Additional Service Rule 41(9)
Call and Release
XC34 Dog catching Pueblo trains
Conductor (DH Separate and Apart)
Dog Catch at away from home terminal and not paid trip rate
Exchange of Trains
Step Up/Make Whole/Difference in pay
Non Zone Dogcatch
Off District
Off District Mp507.27 East Of Cheyenne (Getting on Train)
Off District MP507.27 East Of Cheyenne
Off District CPW 520 (Getting On Train)
Off District CPW 520 (Taking Train)
Pool crews called for short turn-around - no extra board crews available
Pool crews called for short turn-around - extra board crews available
Running train out to Barnett after switching in Cheyenne yard or running train through the final terminal
Zone Dog Catch
Ztrain told To Dogcatch
Ztrain With other Service
Ztrain Short Turn Around

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