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As a member, you should have a "Plan of Action" for your spouse/loved one to follow in case you are seriously injured. Immediately contact your Local Chairman/Vice Local Chairman if you become injured. As a union member, you should immediately contact your Local Chairman/Vice Local Chairman if one of your brothers becomes injured and cannot make the contact. 

Injury Checklist

  • DO fill out the injury report, noting all unsafe conditions and equipment contributing to the injury.
  • DO tell fellow employees and take photos of the scene if possible.
  • DO see your own doctor for treatment.
  • DO keep records of lost wages and other expenses.
  • DO report the injury to your Union and Designated Legal Counsel.
  • DO NOT give a statement to the railroad's claims department before seeking advice.
  • DO NOT sign a medical authorization, release, or any other paper, without seeking advice.

Questions Members Should Know and Understand

The following is a list of questions (not ours) that could be asked by your supervisor if you are injured while working on the railroad. Being a well informed and educated employee could provide you with important protection, if injured on the job.

  • Describe exactly what you were doing when you claim to have been injured?
  • What were you looking at?
  • Where were your hands and feet?
  • Were you holding anything?
  • What caused you to be injured?
  • Was there anything wrong with the equipment or the work area? If so:
  • When did you first notice there was something unsafe or wrong with the work area or the equipment?
  • Did you tell anyone about it?
  • Did you report the condition to anyone, if so whom and when?
  • Was there anything you could have done to prevent this injury?
  • Were you doing it the same way when you claim to have been injured?
  • How often in the past have you performed this task that way?
  • Was there anything different about the way you did it this time versus the way you have done it in the past?
  • Were you in a hurry, if so why?
  • Because you claim to have been in a hurry , were you doing it differently than you normally do?
  • Are you aware of any safety rules that were violated by you or anyone else?

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