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UTU PAC Pledge Form

The United Transportation Union’s Political Action Committee (UTU PAC) is "An Investment in the Future."

UTU members, active and retired, need and deserve good government and sympathetic legislators. That’s because, compared with others, their jobs, pensions and futures are more directly affected by the actions of state and national lawmakers.

We in the UTU must work for and help those people who we feel are capable, knowledgeable and who recognize the problems that affect railroad, bus and transit workers.

The best way to help elect representatives that understand the concerns of UTU members is by contributing to UTU PAC.

The best way to have a voice, a say, in matters that affect your finances and your family, is by contributing to UTU PAC.

You joined your fellow workers for the fraternal benefits of UTU membership, so why not join them to help elect compassionate state and national lawmakers?

The downloaded form allows you to make a pledge to the UTU Political Action Committee. This Committee acts on your behalf in Colorado and Washington to make sure that your interests are represented in Congress. If we do not act, others will.




State of Colorado - Voter Registration Application

To vote in an election, you must return this form to your County Clerk and Recorder no later than 29 days before the election in which you want to vote. Your eligibility to vote will be based on the postmark date or the date you file this form in the County Clerk and Recorder's office.


State of Colorado - Absentee Ballot Application

Under Colorado law, your absentee ballot application must contain your printed name, signature, residence address, mailing address if you wish to receive the ballot by mail, and the date of birth. If you do not provide all of this information, you may not receive an absentee ballot according to the rules established by the Colorado Secretary of State. (C.R.S. 1-8-104)


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