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Brothers and Sisters...We are currently updating this website with as much information that we can. We need your help though! Let us know what you want and would like. This part of the page will bring you up to date information that is currently effecting us. Fraternally, Your Local Chairpersons

Paid Holidays for 2013:

Tue, Jan 1 Mon, Feb 18 Fri, Mar 29 Mon, May 27 Thu, Jul 4 Mon, Sept 2 Thur, Nov 28 Fri, Nov 29 Tue, Dec 24 Wed, Dec 25 Tue, Dec 31

9 AM Markup Modification (CB&Q): 120612

We have had many instances where marking up from vacations caused issues with assigned crews and protection of vacations starting and ending.  It was decided that going back to our old way of marking up at 0001 is better for the members.  As of Jan 1, 2013 the modification will be back in place.

Vacancy Decision Fill Sheets (CB&Q): 120112

Here are the new vacancy decision fill sheets that the crew office will utilize to call crews when there is a vacancy.  It is important to remember two things about these decision making steps.  1.  If they call out of sequence or not according to these vacancy fill sheets, it will initiate the claims process.  2.  If you are called out of sequence or have been denied a work opportunity because of it, keep all paperwork and boards to turn in with your claim.  We do not agree with a few of these steps and the General Chairman's office is working on this.    

Furlough Information: 101512

Here is some information that you will need if furloughed.  As a reminder, if you are furloughed please attend a meeting so that you can receive a $50 King Soopers gift card from your local.

Click here for the agreement and some more information on work retention from the GO-245 General Chairman (CB&Q)

If you decide to not chase your seniority and will be putting in for unemployment, here are the links to the Railroad Retirement Board and the State of Colorado webpages.  You will need to submit for RRB unemployment first, and if denied, then bring the notification form from the RRB to the State of Colorado.

Conductor Certification: 101512

We all know that conductor certification is quickly approaching.  This federal law needs to be taken very seriously.  It can and will affect us in many ways.  To help answer the multiple questions because of this change, we are bringing this information to you.  Here is a document that is fairly in depth and tries to bring some meaning to the final rule.  We are also providing a breakdown of violations that will lead to you losing your certification.

Vacation Scheduling: 101512

Vacation scheduling time is here.  We need all of the vacation requests in by November 15th.  Employees who have both yard and road service qualify for vacation by attaining 240 inflated days using the following formula:

1: Multiply each basic day worked in yard service by 1.6.

2: Multiply each basic day worked in road service by 1.3.

3: Add the days together.  If the days add up to 240 days or more, you qualify for vacation.                    

More information on this is contained in the 1986 UTU Agreement.  We need you to enter your vacation requests in the computer and also put them on paper in the UTU box 6 in the crew lobby.  This way all of the forms are placed in one location and the local chairmen can meet to do vacation on November 16th.  We need to get the vacations in so that members wanting to take vacations in early 2013 can make plans accordingly.  The form can be downloaded here.

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