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A large number of the calls and investigations that we handle are about attendance guidelines.  This section of your webpage will provide you with many of the items that are available for you to understand and have the policies that pertain to attendance guidelines.  Once you read all of the above information, if you have questions on attendance guidelines you must speak to a supervisor.  The supervisor has the responsibility to sit down with you and completely go over your attendance layoffs and assist you in determining where you stand on your current three month rolling period.  During this communication, you need to document everything that is said between the both of you and send it to that supervisor and Senior Vice Local Chairman DJ Deherrera.  We have many situations where a member talked to a supervisor about attendance and when it came to the investigation, the story was different from what was told to your local chairman or the supervisor has a hard time recollecting what he/she said in reference to your situation.  Therefore, get it documented. This is the only way to ensure that you are protecting yourself.  If you do not follow these instructions, you are not protecting your career.  If you have a missed call or lay off on call, you must send a email with all information pertaining to the alleged event to Senior Vice Local Chairman DJ Deherrera.  

With attendance guidelines, it is getting nearly impossible to get any type of investigation dropped.  The carrier is getting more and more strict with this policy. Also, in arbitration, the neutral that rules on any dismissal because of attendance guidelines has been more and more strict also.  If there are extreme circumstances as to why that dismissal should be dropped, then the neutral may bring that member back.  This is a very, very low percentage. We an’t stress enough that you need to read these attachments, general notices and utilize the tools that you have been given on this page.  Once again, the best way to protect yourself is to bring all information to a supervisor when concerning your attendance issue. Get it documented! If a supervisor does not know the policy, brushes you off or gives you incorrect information notify your local chairmen via email as soon as it happens.


All attendance guidelines issues will be handled by Senior Vice Local Chairman DJ Deherrera. 

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