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The local level is the point at which members have the most contact and input.  Involvement in your local chapter is the best way to stay informed and make sure that you know where you stand. 

Local Presidents are elected by members of their locals every three (3) years. It is the President's responsibility to preside at meetings, supervise the local affairs, decide disputes, appoint committees, countersign documents and cheques, and file necessary reports.

The Local Treasurer is elected by members of thier local every three (3) years. The Treasurer of the local is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the proper collection of dues, disbursement of funds, keeping accurate financail records and filing all reports required by law.

The Local Legislative Representative is elected to office by the members of the Local every four (4) years. Your local Legislative Representative attends the State Legislative Board meetings where proposals are submitted on behalf of the membership to alter legislation, including health and safety matters. Your L.R. also handles safety issues and other legislative matters.

The Local Chairperson is elected to office by the members of the Local every four (4) years. The Local Chairperson is the Chair of the Local Committee of Adjustment, which is made up of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary. Responsibilities include the handling of claims, grievances, discipline cases and disputes with management officials. He/she is available to the membership to assist in any of these areas of responsibility.

The Trustees are elected to office by the members of the local every three (3) years. Trustees, of which there are 3 in each Local, are responsible for supervising the financial affairs fo the Local and performing the annual audit of the Local's finances.

A Local's Delegate
 position is elected every four (4) years. It is the responsibility of the Delegate to attend the International Convention for the purposes of electing all International and National officers, and considering and voting on matters pertaining to the modification of the Constitution.

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