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Union Law

The UTU is governed by a Constitution which details the laws of the union and how they are applied. It spells out the obligations of officers and members. The UTU's Constitution is considered one of the best. The Constitution includes checks and balances. It guarantees high standards of protection for all members.

Craft Autonomy

Each craft within the UTU is guaranteed, by the Constitution, the right of self-determination on all matters affecting their working conditions.

The Union's Purpose

The union's purpose is to represent transportation service employees and to promote their general welfare, social, economic, and political interests.

Officers & Their Duties

All UTU officers are elected and, where necessary, are bonded to insure fiduciary responsibility to the members of the union.

Attend Your Local Meeting

To learn more about your rights and duties as a member of the United Transportation Union, read your Constitution and attend your Local union meeting! Click Here for Local Meeting times and location

Striving for Excellence

Local 202 of the United Transportation Union has a combined membership of Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific employees of over 500, representing Conductors, Trainmen, Yardmen, Engineers and Hostlers across the Denver Metropolitan area, Rocky Mountain Frontrange, and the Yampa River Valley.


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